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Dịch vụ Số hóa - Tập đoàn Công nghệ Thiên Hoàng

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Với sự phát triển mạnh mẽ của công nghệ thông tin, số hóa là xu hướng tất yếu của thời đại. Lựa chọn công nghệ số hóa tài liệu thông minh chính là công cụ để nâng cao hiệu quả của chính quyền điện tử tại Việt Nam.


Blockchain application in the enterprise

Whether you really understand what Blockchain is or not, you probably realize this is a familiar phrase. This technology is increasingly proving its ability through Blockchain applications in the business, while receiving special attention from experts.

Top 7 industries that are applying blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is currently being studied and applied in many countries around the world. As a pioneer in the 4.0 industrial revolution, Blockchain promises to open the future of many different.

In today's article, Technology 4.0 would like to introduce to readers Top 7 industries that are applying Blockchain technology industries.

Microsoft integrates blockchain toolkit into Power Platform

Microsoft integrates blockchain toolkit into Power Platform

US technology giant Microsoft has integrated a blockchain toolkit for users.

10 real-world applications of the Internet of Things

It can be seen that people are always curious, always asking questions, challenges, breaking the current rules to reach for the better.

VISA deploys a new international payment system on the blockchain

Payment giant VISA has just launched an international payment network from blockchain technology, according to a Reuters post on June 11.

Google Play or the next AppStore of Blockchain

Modex is considered Blockchain's first AppStore and they disrupt the trillion-dollar market with decentralized applications for businesses.

Alibaba technology, Microsoft surpasses humans in the test

Artificial intelligence is successfully applied by corporations and surpasses humans in the latest testing.

Many 'big players' participate in Facebook's crypto currency project

Uber, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard recently signed up to support Facebook on the social networking blockchain project.

The Blockchain platform is backed by IBM to improve supply chain management in the mining industry

Big tech company IBM has teamed up with MineHub Technologies to provide a blockchain solution that will improve supply chain management in the mining and metal industry

The demand for recruiting Blockchain and AI personnel has increased sharply

The desire to apply Blockchain and AI, Data Science of businesses makes the demand for IT engineers who are well versed in these specialties continues to increase.


Big Data technology has reached its peak in the performance of its functions. You may be aware of the function, process, use and importance of Big Data technology.

Microsoft develops blockchain and AI platforms for agriculture

Microsoft develops blockchain and AI platforms for agriculture
Microsoft wants to apply advanced technologies to agricultural development, while ensuring demand for food production is increasing globally

Thiên Hoàng 12 năm xây dựng và phát triển

Thien Hoang – 12 years of building and development

With over 10 years of building and development, Thien Hoang Solution Joint Stock Company has become one of the leading companies in the IT field in Vietnam.

Thien Hoang Teambuilding - cohesion and strength

According to the custom of July every year, Thien Hoang Solution Joint Stock Company organizes the summer holiday for the company's employees. This year, the chosen location is Da Nang City with exciting and engaging activities.

Annual Customer Conference 2018 - Ministry of Finance

In the morning of March 24, 2018, in Ninh Binh, a conference of Informatics partners and Financial Statistics 2018 was held

Celebrating 10 years of a journey "Remarks and meaning"

In the last three days of 4,5,6 August, at FLC Sam Son, the 10th anniversary of Thien Hoang Company (2007 - 2017) took place with a series of extremely meaningful and monumental activities.

Activity news

Lễ Tổng kết năm 2023 - Tập đoàn Công nghệ Thiên Hoàng

Tin hoạt động

Khi cánh cửa năm 2023 vừa khép lại, năm 2024 mở ra không khí tươi mới của những ngày đầu tiên, cũng là lúc Tập đoàn Công nghệ Thiên Hoàng trang trọng tổ chức Lễ tổng kết cuối năm 2023 tại sảnh Đại Yến, Trung tâm Hội nghị Quốc Gia, Hà Nội

EPS-VIA Friendly Football Tournament

On August 9, 2019, Thien Hoang participated in the "Friendly Football Tournament" with the Vietnam Department of Industry team.

Attractive, exciting and equally dramatic is the atmosphere of the last football match between Thien Hoang Solution Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Department of Industry. Attending the match, there were representatives of two companies, 02 teams and many supporters who were officers and employees of both units.

Thiên Hoàng Teambuilding 2019 - Vượt gian nan, đập tan thách thức

Thien Hoang Teambuilding 2019 - Overcoming difficulties, smashing challenges

In the spirit of "doing your best, playing hard", the Thien Hoang warriors had very interesting experiences and full of laughter in the program "Thien Hoang Teambuilding 2019 - Overcoming difficulties, smashing challenges".

Thien Hoang celebrated the International Women's Day

In harmony with the bustling atmosphere on International Women's Day, Thien Hoang organized a program for women on March 8. The program took place with a lot of interesting things about activities to unite, strengthen love and create a bridge of solidarity and exchange for the Thien Hoang’s staffs. 

Thien Hoang’s Year End Party 2019

2018 is about to pass, a new year with new plans to return all over the country.

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Thien Hoang Solution JSC would like to send you respectful greetings. Established since 2007, with more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology. On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to express my gratitude to customers who have always supported and accompanied us throughout the years.



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