Google Play or the next AppStore of Blockchain

Their presale session is currently in progress and it has been featured on a series of well-known and reputable media. Modex platform allows accessing to crypto currencies and smart contracts.

How does it work?

Basically, smart contract developers can create smart contracts and upload them on Modex market according to MDX. Modex will review the ideas before giving an approved status to all buyers and viewers.

Programmers upload source code of smart contracts, set prices and test parameters. The smart contract will then be reviewed and tested for safety. After review, the contract is assigned an address and an ABI. And finally, it will be listed on the market.




One of the advantages of this is that it works the same way you search for an app on AppStore, you just need to search for a smart contract that you desire. Users will be able to search what they need based on their specific requirements. If there are multiple contracts providing the same service, users are allowed to compare and check before buying them.

The only downside of this platform is the user interface feature and it can be great if they have more information for users.

As a practical product and an idea for an exchange, Modex can really help shape the social productivity aspect of crypto currencies.

Perhaps there are some programmers who will really develop Modex and we can start to see a group of people who really excel at building smart contracts. Because crypto currencies are a nascent industry, people are still not aware of what can and cannot exist.

The fact that users can browse a platform and be able to check everything before they buy is a great feature.

According to Tech Channel 4.0