Alibaba technology, Microsoft surpasses humans in the test

Alibaba just announced its artificial intelligence (AI) study is superior to humans in a Stanford University global reading comprehension test. This is a test to find answers to the questions "Which race is Nikola Tesla?" And "How big is the Amazon rainforest?".


Luo Si, Science Director at Alibaba's Natural Language Research Department, said the achievement was an important milestone. He said there are many ways to apply technology, from customer care, instruction in the museum to medical examination.

In a test taken last week, the company put its artificial intelligence system to answer a set of reading comprehension questions at Stanford. Computer answers are compared to the average of human answers and ratings. As a result, technology of Microsoft and Alibaba topped the table, with a probability of correct answers higher than 82.3% of humans.


Alibaba wants to bet its massive data source on China's 1.4 billion people. In particular, the number of people accessing online is 730 million and is likely to surpass the US in creating a $ 150 billion industry. This is considered the next industrial revolution in the world. Artificial intelligence has been used in everything from driverless cars to news customization.

Alibaba has used AI applications in customizing news and advertising. Last year's "Single Day" event, Jack Ma's group also applied artificial intelligence to answer customer questions. They plan to invest in some new areas through this technology.

Previously, artificial intelligence technology won people when playing chess, chess and writing a music album.

Truong Sanh (theo Financial Times )